Helping People Discover Real Love is My Passion!

From the age of three, I grew up under a single mom with just my sister and I. It taught me a lot about women; How they think and what they go through. I witnessed physical abuse, alcohol abuse, and verbal abuse. I learned a lot about what men shouldn't do. This caused me to overcompensate in relationships to the point that I was attracted to broken women. I learned very quickly the hard way, that those kinds of relationships don't work because they are based on dependency. My need to fix and their need to relive their past was a never-ending cycle. Luckily, I was able to figure out what I had been doing and adjust my thinking. I have now been with my wife for over 20 years and without a doubt, I know I can help you figure it out too. So go ahead and schedule a free coaching session with me.


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